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Social Media Marketing

Building trust & authority on social media comes from consistent & engaging content

Stopping the scroll is the first step toward your business getting a new customer. Our Digital Marketing Specialist work to make sure your creative is on point, and that we’re driving the right traffic to your website.

We can help with: Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business and Tik Tok.

We Plan and Post

Never post on the fly (or at all) again. We curate a beautiful content feed 1 month in advance so you know what’s being posted ahead of time. Our team will manually post content and high-converting hashtags to your social media channels daily at the times of optimal engagement so it’s seen by the most people.

We Increase Brand Awareness and Grow Followers

High quality followers equal high quality customers and with over 2 billion users, it’s imperative you know how to find and convert the right audience. Our social media growth team spends hours every day making sure your business is getting the recognition it deserves and will help you increase your followers with your target audience. We will ensure that your followers match the demographics, interests, and behaviors of your ideal buyer.

We Build Strong Connections and Engagement

The social media algorithm rewards accounts with a lot engagement by giving it more exposure in other peoples’ feeds, so building strong relationships through interactive content and community management is a must if you want to win on socials. Our team is skilled in planning and executing strategies that increase engagement and helping people know, like, and trust you because then they will ultimately buy from you.

We Increase Website Traffic

Increasing your social media exposure will directly influence traffic to your site and in turn, leads and sales. We focus on developing social media funnels that drives high volumes of traffic to your website.

Unique Post
For Your Business

Having daily consistent content for your industry help promote your business overall. Captions with hashtags, popular keywords, and trends that are more searched will show up on the timeline of your target demographic.

Get Noticed On
Several Platforms

Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business, and Tik Tok give your business incredible exposure and creates your brand’s identity at your local level. The possibilities for images, videos, captions, and any hashtags are virtually limitless!

Custom-Design &
Planned Posting

With a custom posting feature, posts can be scheduled days, weeks, even months in advance to stay present in your audience’s mind. Custom creative content - posts, images, videos, and graphics will be created to increase engagement and lead generation.

What Customers Say


I am new to the whole ‘social media’ thing, then to add lead generation on top of that is a huge learning curve. I found my Socially Rx rep very, very patient with me, she was clear with her questions and understanding with her answers, the whole process was quick and painless and more importantly, informative. Very happy to have them on my team,
highly recommended.

- Cliff Simmonds

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